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December 08, 2003


These are the oldest and weakest arguments against Scripture. Why in the world would you reference an atheist website to prove your weak point? Is that what you are, an atheist?


1. If the arguments are weak, presumably there are counterarguments that we might learn from. By all means post one or more of them if you like.

2. If there's an issue of inconsistency in the New Testament, I'm not sure it's relevant who raises it. Atheists can have insights that can be useful in our search for truth.

3. We have to be ready to address challenging questions from atheists, Muslims, etc., because they're not the only ones who have such questions -- so do our kids. If we can't satisfactorily answer such questions, we damage our credibility and that of our faith.

4. No, I'm not an atheist; quite the contrary.

Thanks for the response.

--D. C.


I just discovered your website... I really appreciate some of your detailed and respectful analysis from a Christian perspective. I believe that we need to address challenges for another reason as well (besides what you mentioned in #3 above)....

only truth can hold up to full analysis. when you consider some of the inconsistancies and what they imply I think we learn. also, it reinforces so many commonalities between different accounts that are also validated by history and introspection.


I have totally disagree with you. I read a few of your articles on the reliabilty or unreliability of the scriptures. The Bible can never be par or equal to other books. It is either all true or all false, and should be treated accordingly. Christ himself claims that He is " the way the TRUTH and the life." We know from John's gospel that Christ is the manifestation of the word(TRUTH of the scriptures. If any part of the word is incorrect or false then Christ is to be a liar and therefore not worthy of trust. I argue that every word spoken in the scriptures is TRUE and accurate. As far as the relaibility of the writers, they were eyewitnesses of Christ His ministry and death, therefore a very relaible source, not to mention countless others who were also eyewitnesses of both His death and resurrestion. Bottom line if one part of the scriptures is false then the entire book is under questioning and should be disregarded, not equal to anyother. If it is what it claims then it is vastly superior and not equal to anyother. Either way it deserves to be on a shelf all of its own.

D. C. Toedt III

Thanks for visiting, James. I do wish, though, that you had addressed the points in the post, instead of changing the subject.

> The Bible .... is either all true or all false .... if one part of the scriptures is false then the entire book is under questioning and should be disregarded ....

What makes you think so? Why should we throw the baby out with the bath water?

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