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December 14, 2003


The issue is whether the church should ordain
clergy who go against Christ's teachings. Jesus
told the woman at the well who had lived with 5 different men to go and sin no more; he did not accept it as an alternative lifestyle. Jesus said how can you call me Lord but don't do what I say?
All through Moses and the prophets God tells the priests they are being held to a higher standard because they lead the flock. Private sexuality is
not hidden from God, and an openly homosexual
priest is not keeping his sexuality private.

(Posted by DCT at an anonymous parishioner's request:)

D.C., I know you asked for posted emails, but I just wanted to send a quick response. I agree with you. I would vote against it. To be honest, [spouse] and I have started to explore other church options. Look forward to seeing you soon.

Bill Donovan

(Posted by DCT at Bill Donovan's request)

Thank you so much for including me in your mailing. Your message is disturbing in several ways. The first is that St. John's has gone that far in making such a drastic move. The second is that it really forces me to make personal decisions on this issue I don't yet feel ready to make.

Your web log indicates a tremendous effort on your part to understand the facts and make an educated judgement and you may be one of the few so prepared at that 12/22 meeting. Based on what I understand of this issue, our bishop's position, and what I thought was Larry's position I would not vote for St Johns to separate from the ECUSA now. I very possibly could in the future but why do we need to hurry. Once done, I assume there will be no turning back.

I do believe that what was done in Minneapolis is wrong and I'm not happy being a member of the church that did that. But it seems to me that for those of us who do believe in the inerrancy(?) of scripture, what better place to take a stand and convince others than within the very church we love so much. As long as my parish (and diocese) are not teaching and doing things I believe are wrong, I feel somewhat insulated and not uncomfortable. So, again I say - what's the hurry?

DC, please remember that I know very little about about this issue of the church separation. My little knowledge is based on news reports and things people ave emailed me so it could well be biased and inaccurate. I do know that I love our church (both St Johns and the Episcopal church) but I love the truth even more. I have come to believe over the past 15 years that we find that truth in God's holy word - the Bible.

I will be praying for you and each other person present at your meting on the 22nd. My prayer will be that peace will prevail there, that the Holy Spirit will fill each of you, and that you will glorify God in your decision.

Bill Donovan

Kathryn Hall Wilson

I agree with you 100%. I feel very much in the minority when I speak with other church members on this topic, and I appreciate the opportunity to post a comment.
Kathryn Hall Wilson

Randy Furlong


I agree with you! Let's love God with all our heart, all our soul, all our mind, and all our strength, and love our neighbors as ourselves (Mark 12:30-31), and feed the hungry, slake the thirsty, welcome the strangers, clothe the naked, care for the ailing, and visit the prisoners (Matthew 25:34-40, paraphrased)! Thanks for this forum for comments!

Randy Furlong

Will Symmes

Thanks DC for making this forum available! In listening to the discussion around our church, I would like to offer three points before you vote on the AAC proposition that is being put forth. One view in our church has been most vocal over the past few months, and I wanted to let you know that there are members of the congregation who do not share that view. As our clergy urged our members not to leave the “church” but stand by and provide support in the “battle”, I urge you not to leave the “Church” but stand by and make the “peace”.

Homosexuality is not a choice; people are born that way. Credible scientific evidence supports this, but most of you have probably seen it first hand: classmates, co-workers, friends’ children. Listen to gays themselves admit, “I have always been this way.” If we are all made in God’s image, how are we to separate them from ourselves? How can it be a sin? But, if you still believe it is a sin, then what sinner can ever lead our church?

Secondly, as a body, we seem to be inconsistent in our interpretation of the Bible. Our Southern Baptist brothers not only do not have women preachers, but also do not allow women deacons or staff members. They do not allow divorced ministers, deacons or staff. We read the same Bible and welcome both divorcees and women to participate fully, and yet we hear some who say the Bible is clear about gays. What is our criteria for accepting desired parts of scripture and rejecting other parts?

Finally, I am an Episcopalian, not an Anglican. I reject the premise that we should be persuaded into aligning our thoughts with 70 million people of the Anglican Communion. The Episcopal Church Welcomes You, if it were put to a popular vote, it would be changed to, The Anglican Church Welcomes Most of You. Jesus was unwavering in welcoming all; shouldn’t we?

The fabric of our church has been torn. Let’s not rush to rip the seams and tear the fabric totally in half. We have time for thoughtful consideration; there is no need to rush to judgment. There is no need for an accelerated timetable to leave the Episcopal Church. These issues need not divide our congregation, and if we turn our eyes upward, can we not see that we stand under the tent of God’s grace that is big enough to hold all of us?


Will Symmes

Chuck Guffey

What a great job you and others are doing with such a complex issue. Keep up the good work. I think St. John's needs a lot more discussion with and information for the congregation before any action is taken. I am leaning toward Larry's position but don't know enough about the alternatives to make a decision at this time.

Jennifer Tuttle Arnold

What a great deal of love you show for our church...If we could all be patient in this process, what a great reward in the end. I agree with you. Slow and steady wins the race and I am happy to be the tortoise. The issues are so large. Jumping too soon would be irreparable. Best to you and the Vestry, you are all in our prayers,

Jennifer Tuttle Arnold

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