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December 21, 2003



For an issue as emotional and devisive as homosexuality, I would urge our continued discussion in a mutual search for a universal truth.

To that end, I can strongly endorse the reading of Dr. Satinover's fascinating and revealing book, "Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth". Satinover, a Harvard medical school graduate who was one of the initial AIDS researchers, went on to write this book after enduring the agony of lies mixed with truths regarding the polarizing views of sexual orientation. It is the most cogent, balanced, and authoritative review of the subject written to date, in my view.

But the creation of this site, while very impressive, may detour one from the very basic truths surrounding the driving force behind the orthodox view and its need to re-align from ECUSA. Schismatic actions by ECUSA are part of the catalyst for this orthodox effort, but it is not the true reason for the orthodox groundswell.

The need for re-alignment stems from the revisionist stance of ECUSA versus the authority of Scripture that is respected by the orthodox. This is not an issue about sexual orientation. This is not an issue about homosexuality. This is an issue about the authority of Scripture.


Can Homosexulas be "Healed"?

Many well-meaning Christians subscribe to the belief that most homosexuals have no choice in their "orientation"- in other words, the manner in which they choose to express their sexuality. Their support for this belief is, on the surface, the need for a reason to accept this apparently fallen condition, without causing further controversy and create a credible reason for acceptance. If one can't help one's biology, then society must accept, include, and live life without judgemental views on sexuality.

Sadly, there are serious flaws in the "science" (and the term is used loosely) that gives the revisionist Christian a thin cover of reason. But there are real reasons for the biology argument's popularity amongst revisionists.

If one is forced to concede that mis-directed sexuality by homosexuals IS a choice, then one must also scrutinize one's own mis-directed sexuality as well. How can one condone adultery, but not condone homosexuality? Both sins (as all sins) are equal in the eyes of God- the Bible is very clear on this issue.

With the biology argument tenuously in hand, however, one can just get away with condoning a sinful behavior without shining too much light on one's own sexuality.

More importantly, if homosexuality is a variant expression of sexuality that is not intended for procreation (notice the phrase "cause procreation" is not used- motive is important here) , and so-called "studies" have "pointed" towards a homosexual gene, then I have one question- Where are the studies that point to a "rape" gene? Or a pedophilia gene? Or an adultery gene? Or a necrophilia gene? None of these expressions of sexuality are intended to result in procreation (when the act occurs), and all must be considered as far outside the norm.

The fact is, there are no studies, and there never will be any, that conclusively prove up the question. While there may be studies that show elevated hormonal levels or enlarged growth of certain organs in certain subjects, those hormones are the result of environmental response, not a flawed creation. And I don't see activist groups clamoring to utilize the "biology" argument for the rapists and pediphiliacs of the world.

Finally, if "biology with no choice" is the rationale that revisionists would use for the acceptance of Bishop Robinson's lifestyle and that of other homosexuals, then how is it that there are so many instances of healed homosexuals?

The fact that these stories go largely unreported is not surprising. What is more surprising is the mulitude of ministries devoted entirely to the healing of homosexuals. This, for an "unchangeable, biolgical condition"?

I would strongly urge the interested reader to peruse the website to hear personal accounts of many healed homosexuals now living full, heterosexual lives. And I would strongly urge the critical observer to RESEARCH THE STUDIES that create the "biology" argument. It takes little time for the critical thinker to evaluate the supporting facts as either flimsy, poor, or simply non-existent.

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