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December 02, 2003



I absolutely agree with the Rev. Brown Taylor's comments. Love rejoices with the truth, grace and truth came through Jesus Christ, and so on. People can smell phoniness a mile away - and it stinks! They can see through forced smiles and our awkwardness when we attempt to show the world the face we think we should be showing. If we haven't anything genuine or positive to say it is best to keep quiet - if we have something wonderful to share (e.g. our experiences of the goodness of God) then we can't help but say it as it is - that kind of testimony keeps people's attention for hours. I experience it frequently.


I like this definition of Faith very much.

I am a Muslim. In Islam, the word for faith is iman..the a sound is prolonged a bit.

I am not an Arab but the word is connected to words like safety and trustworthyness....i think it is close to the beautiful meaning as described...
Faith = Openness to Truth = Trust in God

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