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November 25, 2003


Did God create "Man and Man" or "Man and Woman" as stated in the Bible...? Whether that be in seven 24 hr days or seven 24 million hr days is not important. The question above seems to be a principal issue about gays.

If you look at History, and I believe it repeats itself if you do not learn from it, when does society break down...? Go and'll see morals are one of the key points of a society breakdown. So, I have to ask myself does gay sex seem right? Sometimes a person has to look with a "passion" for truth and let his feelings dictate...that is also something called Faith. God calls to us through each of our own faith battles.

My faith tells me that it is not up to me to judge whether gay sex is right or not. However, my faith tells me that I must not condone it either. God will set that straight at sometime in the future.

By me condoning the Bishop, I condone a lifestyle that I believe is inconsistent with my faith. Therefore I must stand against the Bishop w/o condemning him. I just wish the gays and the Bishop would accord me the same rights.

The "liberal" group would have me change my beliefs to fit their that a fair question to ask of me?


> The "liberal" group would have me change my beliefs to fit their that a fair question to ask of me?

I think the majority of so-called liberals are not trying to get anyone to change their beliefs. But at the same time, they're asking traditionalists not to try to impose their own beliefs and their own interpretations of Scripture on others. The Diocese of New Hampshire took a prayerful action in electing Gene Robinson as their bishop. The General Convention likewise took a prayerful action in confirming him. I don't know which way I would have voted had I been a delegate in New Hampshire, but I do think this is an issue where "local option" is best.


A parishioner asked me by email: "are there any other biblical bases for Larry's position other than those appearing on your blog? Maybe the Sermon on the Mount's references to adultery?"

I did a quick Google search and came up with this site. It looks pretty even-handed. Scroll down till you get to "Analysis of key passages."

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