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I'm a intellectual-property lawyer in private practice in Houston, Texas. For more information about my practice, please visit my LinkedIn profile (see below).

I blog (blawg) elsewhere on technology-law subjects, plus others.

My last name is pronounced 'Tate.' I sorta wish my German great-great-something grandfather had changed the spelling to be more user-friendly when he came to this country 150+ years ago, but there you go.

My non-work blog is The Questioning Christian. I'm a non-creedal Episcopalian (some would call that a contradiction in terms), not as active as I used to be in one of the largest Episcopal parishes in the U.S., formerly serving as an elected member of its vestry.

Any views I might express on-line are my own and not those of my clients, my former employer, my former law firm, my parish, etc., etc.

Email address: dc //attt // toedt //dahtt // commm. (CAUTION: DO NOT send me any confidential information without my prior agreement; if you do, you might lose any applicable attorney-client privilege in the information, because you and I will not have an attorney-client relationship unless we both expressly agree to that in advance.)

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